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Our Key Values
“We strive for innovation and excellence in everything we do.”
What We Offer
Enterprise Solutions
Eclipse Games provides a robust technology platform for enterprise companies with distributed business operations. The platform consolidates data from enterprise systems, creates consolidated reporting across business divisions, offers IPO/public company ready reporting, and synchronizes with government systems. The technology also allows for the creation of a unified access point to all services and extends multi-market operations, including agent networks, POS terminals, cashier operations, and terminals with ATM payments.
Payment and Business API

• Payment API: Payment processing and is essential for applications requiring secure online transactions.

• Business API Integration Platform: Serves a broader purpose, facilitating seamless communication and integration between various applications and systems between organizations and cross platform services.

• Businesses often use both Payment APIs and API Integration Platforms to create comprehensive, well-integrated digital ecosystems that go beyond payment processing, addressing diverse integration needs across the organization.

ECLIPSE Land-Based Solutions
With Eclipse Games, you have access to an effective solution for operating your land-based iGaming business within your local jurisdiction. Whether you're looking to offer gaming coupon sales through physical shops, cafes, or POS terminals, our platform allows you to manage all aspects of your business within the same technology framework. The use of a unified platform enables you to seamlessly integrate online and local activities, resulting in increased engagement from your customers across multiple channels.
Proven Application Framework
Our team builds onto the technology stack used for each project.
Eclipse Framework is reliable web engineering for scalability, high availability, integration, and security.
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